“My four month old daughter had a form of eczema that gave her bright red, sore cheeks.  Reluctant to give her steroid creams on a long term basis, I tried Homeopathy, being recommended to Jane by a friend.  The results were quickly miraculous and we’ll be forever in her debt!  As well as being professional and effective with her treatment and remedies, Jane’s manner is warm, relaxed, friendly and empathetic.   Price-wise her service is good value for money.  Jane has kept eczema at bay with my second, newborn daughter too.  I don’t know what we would have done without her!” – J.S, Burgess Hill

“Any parent who has witnessed their child having a night terror will know just how alarming and distressing it can be – not just for the child, who luckily has no recollection of it the next morning, but for them too, as during the terror the child is inconsolable and doesn’t appear to recognize them. After a number of weeks of my daughter experiencing these violent sleep disruptions on an escalating basis, she not only suffered tremendously on a daily basis with all the symptoms fatigue brings, but it impacted on the family as a whole, causing a very tense household. As a desperate attempt to ‘try anything’, I went to see Jane in her capacity as a homeopath, a route I knew nothing about.   And how I wish I’d gone earlier! I cannot speak highly enough of Jane and her services in my case. On the verge of breakdown, her sympathetic, knowledgeable and reassuring approach to our problem not only gave us a better understanding of the situation but also proved to be a very calming influence, whilst the remedies she delivered had an immediate effect on the episodes. My daughter began to sleep through the night providing relief for all involved, especially her little brother, who was woken most nights too by the noise.  The cycle was broken and life became increasingly more peaceful for everyone. Thank you Jane” – S.M, Hove 

“Hi Jane, just to let you know my husband and I are feeling loads better.  We’ve just been taking your remedies and began feeling almost back to normal a couple of days ago.Aches and pains, feeling hot and cold like we had the flu all gone.  Coughing almost gone – I haven’t coughed in 24 hours and my husband pretty much the same.  We took your remedies for about 5 days with nothing else.  Thank you so much” – L.H, Hastings (Treatment of flu like symptoms in April 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic)

“Was recommended to Jane by a friend. At the time I was not a believer in homeopathy, but thought I would give it a try.  Jane has treated my children and myself for various things and the treatments have all worked with amazing results.  I am now a firm believer and will always recommend my friends to give Jane a call.” – S.C, Brighton