Another subject very close to my heart at the moment is Menopause.

Having just turned 50, I am slap bang in the throes of peri menopause and boy did this one catch me off guard!

About two years ago I actually thought I was going mad – both on a physical level and a mental and emotional level.  Having recently separated from my long term partner I was already in an emotional whirlpool full of anxiety, remorse, depression, guilt, loneliness and all of the other emotions that go with the loss of your safe family unit.

So naturally I thought that this was the reason for my sudden overwhelming bouts of anxiety, panic, self doubt, lack of confidence, depression, suicidal thoughts, palpitations, insomnia (the list goes on!).

I had days when I didn’t know how I was going to get out of bed in the morning to get my teens to school, and I didn’t know where to turn.   Luckily I eventually turned to my Homeopath.  She literally saved me.  She immediately realised I was peri menopausal and all of the emotional symptoms I was experiencing were exacerbated as a result of my fluctuating hormones.

With her support and some key homeopathic remedies, herbal supplements, diet and exercise I am now able to manage my symptoms beautifully as and when they arise.  The frequency is much less now as is the intensity of each feeling/emotion.  Those dark days seem like a distant memory now thankfully, and I can honestly say that the power of Homeopathy once again continues to amaze me with it’s incredible subtle ability to shift our mental and emotional state, restoring the mind/body to a place of balance and peace once more.

If you are suffering with any Menopausal symptoms and would like help through this key transitional period  then please do contact me for a consultation.

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