It’s that time of year again and this year seems to be particularly bad for a lot of people with their hay fever symptoms.

Hay fever is a fairly new thing for me, I developed it about 4 years ago having never had any symptoms at all previously.  It caught me unawares and took me a while to realise that my runny nose and gritty eyes might actually be due to hay fever.

Homeopathy can really help reduce, and possibly even eradicate, hay fever if treated over a number of years during the Winter months.  Although my symptoms have most definitely diminished, they have not entirely gone yet so I rely on my acute Homeopathic remedies to get me through the Spring and early Summer months.

Here are a few key hay fever remedies that work for me:

Allium Cepa: similar symptoms to chopping an onion – burning sensations in nose and eyes; watery discharge; eyes red, irritated and sensitive to light. The nose can become red and sore from burning, corrosive mucus

Euphrasia: swollen, watery eyes – must constantly wipe or rub; thick, infected eye discharge; gummy, sore, gritty eyes, worse for sunlight, night-time, windy weather, indoors; better for cool, open air; thin, watery mucus. In addition to the homeopathic remedy, diluted Euphrasia tincture can be used as a soothing eye bath.

Arsenicum album: affects the right side more than the left, with blocked nose alternating with watery discharge and frequent sneezing; potential eye inflammation with burning and swelling, relieved by a warm eye wash/compress; worse at night, especially for lying down, outdoors and cold; better for indoors and warmth.

Sabadilla: indicated in early spring or at harvest time; stubborn sneezing, thin watery mucus, blocked, itchy nose; watery eyes, worse for open air, sunlight and sneezing. Symptoms are worse for cold air and improve with warm food and drink or from keeping warm.

Allium cepa, Euphrasia and Sabadilla can be combined (from a homeopathic pharmacy) as a standby for symptomatic relief and I use this combination as my go to relief.  I take about 2 or 3 pills during the day depending on the severity of symptoms.

Mixed Pollens and Grasses is a combination made of pollens from plants, trees and various grasses; it can be used on its own, alongside another hay fever combination, or with any other indicated remedy.

If you have suffered with hay fever for a number of years I would recommend a consultation with a homeopath.

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