I think we are all pretty familiar with ‘flu like’ symptoms now.  Fever, chills, sweats, trembling limbs, aching muscles, fatigue, headaches, aversion to light, muscular heaviness….you get the picture.

There is nothing quite like Homeopathy to (possibly) help get you back on your feet in a much shorter time than just letting it ride its course.  Homeopathy works with the body to heal itself thus shortening the length of the illness and reducing the severity of the symptoms.  Flus and colds are actually your clever systems detoxing from an overly toxic body and should be looked at as healing rather than ‘illness’.  So we do not want to stop these symptoms until the body has done it’s job and that’s Homeopathy’s USP – it doesn’t suppress it simply aids the natural healing process.

Some remedies which may help to reduce your flu symptoms are :

Gelsemium – aching, muscular weakness, heaviness, tiredness and soreness.  Dull headache with flu – sensation as if band around head – occipital headache.  Chills without thirst.  Limbs can tremble.  Fever with dizziness, faintness and weakness.   Aversion to noise and light.  Desire to be left alone. Chronic fatigue ever since a viral infection, especially where limbs feel heavy – total exhaustion

Eupatorium Perfoliatum – also known as ‘bone set’ as it quickly relieves the pain in limbs and muscles as a result of flu and malaria.  Distressing bone pain.  Painful lying on the left side.  Worse at night.  Thirst for cold water.  Craving for ice cream.  Bursting severe headache.  High fever alternates with chills.  Wants to be covered.  Better in house worse in open air.

Arsenicum- good  for TB/pneumonia,  Nightsweats, Weakness/debility, Burning discharges from nose/eyes

Rhus Tox – swollen glands, headache in occiput, backache that compels you to move constantly in bed, symptoms worse at night, typhoid type fever

Bryonia – worse for any movement, patient is very irritable and wants to be left alone, excessive thirst but mucous membranes are very dry

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