My name is Jane and my love and respect for Homeopathy blossomed following a trip to a food tester for my then baby daughters suspected dairy intolerance.  The lady who tested her, unbeknownst to me, was also a Homeopath and gave me 3 little white pills to take home to give to my daughter. The improvements in her were so miraculous that I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of this alternative medicine.

Following my accidental introduction into Homeopathy, I dived into the world of alternative health consuming as much information as I could on this newly discovered medicine.  I continued to treat my children throughout their infant years with my Homeopathic First Aid kit,  watching croup clear up in a couple of hours, sore throats and fevers disappear quickly, night terrors stopped in their tracks,  the list was endless. I wanted to know more and more so eventually decided to study it to a professional level when I qualified as a Homeopath in 2011.

I am passionate about achieving optimal health naturally. I try and live by my motto ‘prevention is better than cure’, and I understand the importance of nutrition, exercise and relaxation in attaining good health. However, we all fall ill from time to time and Homeopathy gives me the tools to treat most ailments safely and naturally. I find this holistic approach to be most complete, bringing real and lasting benefits as it focuses on the cause of the disease, rather than just the superficial removal or suppression of symptoms.

In my practice I treat people of all ages and backgrounds and have helped numerous patients with both acute and chronic disease on their way to recovery. When assessing a case, I do this in an individualised way and may recommend supplements or herbal tinctures in conjunction with Homeopathic remedies.