What is Homeopathy?

As the second most widely used medicine in the world, Homeopathy is a gentle, deeply healing system of medicine. It works with the body’s own healing energy to strengthen it and views symptoms of illness as normal responses of the body, as it attempts to regain health.

Supports a range of treatments

Homeopathy can treat mental, emotional and physical disease and applies itself well to both acute and chronic illness.

In my professional experience, homeopathic treatment has been particularly valuable where conventional, medical treatments had exhausted themselves and found no cure or just minimal relief, such as in longstanding chronic conditions and autoimmune disorders.

Completely Natural

Homeopathy is used to treat an individual symptom picture in each patient based on physical and mental and emotional symptomatology.

Personal Perscriptions

Each prescription will be totally unique and the remedies will be administered in sucrose pillule or tablet format – very easy and palatable to take for everyone – pets, children, adults and elderly. Each prescription stimulates the body’s natural tendency to heal itself which we all know is a common occurrence with colds and broken bones.


About Me

Jane Drew


I was first impressed by the positive effects of Homeopathy after experiencing the benefits on my daughter’s health after taking her to a food tester for a suspected dairy allergy…


Don't just take my word for it, here's what some of my past clients have had to say...


Burgess Hill

"As well as being professional and effective with her treatment and remedies, Jane’s manner is warm, relaxed, friendly and empathetic..."




"I cannot speak highly enough of Jane and her services in my case. On the verge of breakdown, her sympathetic, knowledgeable and reassuring approach to our problem not only gave us a better understanding of the situation but also proved to be a very calming influence..."




"Hi Jane, just to let you know my husband and I are feeling loads better. We’ve just been taking your remedies and began feeling almost back to normal a couple of days ago..."

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